This is my third fourth attempt at sharing my notes-in-public

The first one was dev notes. This was retired in favour of current Tiddlywiki

While Tiddlywiki (or TW) is awesome, it still uses somewhat non-standard text format. TW is a CMS-in-a-file
Adding a tiddler as they call new page may not be impossible using standard editor, it is damn difficult. (I'm sure there is an Emacs plugin somewhere to edit TW 😜)

This site itself moved from Dendron to Fork of Obsidian-zola called cheap-publish - so that is considered fourth attempt.
The content remained the same, I just needed to remove Dendron specific front matter, and rename the files to hierarchical folder structure.

Following is from the landing page of my dev-notes. Since most of it still applies, I decided to share it here as-is.

I used to keep my "notes" in a bunch of org files.
(and before that - in md and rst files - couldn't decide between the format. Finally, when I switched to Emacs, org files won.)

From time to time, I considered sharing those openly, but they were mostly "notes", very unstructured. But more importantly, I thought others may not be able to make sense, or may not find it useful.

Then I came across this via Google search, no less.

And I realized, why should I worry whether it is useful for anyone.

The irony of moving to org from md ☝️ only to come back to Markdown (here) is not lost on me.

While both org and md are essentially text formats, org is more at home (mostly) with emacs. Sure there are some other editors that support org format, but it is not as widely supported as md

I know that Markdown in itself is not a standard, most of what I use here should be lowest common denominator, and should be supported everywhere.

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