Easily view null Values

By default, psql uses whitespace to show null values. I have had tough time visually identifying null data from data containing actual whitespace.

Turns out one can use \pset null.

Josh Branchaud suggests \pset null 'Ø'

Turn the pager off

When viewing a lot of records, pager can hinder your progress. You would rather not see the paginated output. pset to the rescue (again)

\pset pager off

There are additional options discussed here

Change output format to CSV

\pset format csv on psql prompt

Make these defaults (if you want)

If you see yourself using the above repeatedly, why not add them to ~/.psqlrc ?

Clear screen in psql

If you are on Linux/macOS use \! clear, on Windows \! cls

Essentially \! is used to execute any of the shell command inside psql. I tried \! ls -l for fun, and it worked!