Generic Emacs

Following should work for any "configuration" of emacs, although I have only
tried these with doom.

Emacs in a terminal

Lately, I've started using emacs in a terminal using emacs -nw
But I came across a problem that M-x key won't work. i.e. emacs never receives this keystroke.

Turns out this has to do with how the terminal handles keystrokes.
But at least I found a workaround. If I type Esc followed by x then
Emacs receives M-x.
FWIW, it worked only once. 🤷‍️

Ref: This SO question and
last bullet point in this explanation

Find path to a binary

In terminal, one uses which <binaryfile> to find the path of the binary (in
case shell picks wrong path, or if binary is not found)

The emacs equivalent is M-; (executable-find "binary-file-name")

I've found this helpful when troubleshooting.

Thanks to doom-emacs discord channel*

Apparently, M-! which <binaryfile> also works, it essentially calls which

Emacs Everywhere

Do you like emacs so much that you wish you could use it in any edit field on any site on the internet ?
Now you can.

Try Emacs everywhere
I tried it with Doom emacs - works well.

Push branch using magit

M-x magit-push-matching seems closest to git push origin HEAD

There are other magit-push-.. commands that provide better control over where you want to push.

Read the Magit Manual for details.

Split hunk using magit

When using git add -p functionality from the terminal, I use s i.e. split
hunk functionality a lot. But magit apparently does not have it "out of the

One can achieve the same using emacs' "select lines"

In magit-status buffer, navigate to the line/s you want to commit. Then using
Ctrl+Shift+2 i.e. C-@, select the line/s. Stage only those lines using s.

Rename a file

M-x rename-file (Works in Emacs 26+)

Doom Emacs

  1. Copy a logo file to some folder like say misc under ~/.doom.d
  2. Add this to your config.el. Save and restart via SPC q r
(setq fancy-splash-image (concat doom-private-dir "misc/logo.png"))

(Found this via Doom Emacs Telegram channel)

Delete branches using magit

Doom has different keybindings, hence this section is under Doom emacs

  1. M-x magit-show-refs
  2. Go to the Branches section
  3. x (for magit-delete-thing)
  4. RET
  5. y to confirm

LSP mode for elixir

Get elixir-ls locally :

git clone https://github.com/elixir-lsp/elixir-ls.git
cd elixir-ls
mix deps.get
mix elixir_ls.release

This will create a release/language_server.sh (and .bat for windows) file that
you will need for the Emacs integration, so note down this path (referred to
later as path-to-elixir-ls/release).

(Above instructions from elixir forum)

In your init.el enable lsp in :tools section.

Then in your config.el Add the following two lines:

(add-hook 'elixir-mode-hook #'lsp!)
(add-to-list 'exec-path "path-to-elixir-ls/release")

(Above instructions from doom discord channel. Now may be outdated. Depending on when you read this)