Where does VSCode/VSCodium store info ?

Two places

  1. ~/.vscode (or ~/.vscode-oss for VSCodium)
  2. Depending on your platform, the user settings file is located here:
    • Windows %APPDATA%\Code\ or %APPDATA%\VSCodium
    • macOS $HOME/Library/Application Support/Code/ or $HOME/Library/Application Support/VSCodium/
    • Linux $HOME/.config/Code/ or $HOME/.config/VSCodium/

I needed to cleanup both the locations to wipe clean the traces of VSCode/VSCodium

Relative Line numbers

Use the editor.lineNumbers setting with the value of relative

Manually installing/updating extensions

Sometimes VSCodium can not connect to the OpenVSX registry (aka Extensions Marketplace)

Most of the time, this is temporary. But in case you can not wait to install new extension or upgrade existing one, you can download the extension from OpenVSX web site and then drag-and-drop the .vsx file in the Extensions list.