Append a text at the end of several lines

:%s/$/text to append/

  • You can add gc at the end if you want confirmation for each replacement like :%s/$/text to append/gc
  • To append the text only to some lines say between line 10 to 27 :10,27s/$/text to append/

Ref : Stackover Flow

To add same text at the beginning of several consecutive lines

  1. Visually select a block using Ctrl+v followed by arrow keys.
  2. Without Escaping Shift+i and type whatever text you want (say # to comment several lines. You can type as many characters as you need.) Then Esc

Format text

This is useful when you write long text. When writing, go on typing to put the thoughts on paper the computer. Later one was use format commands to make it look better.

gqap : Format the current paragraph

It will make all the lines of <textwidth> long by adding a line break where required.

While it does not matter for markdown (since the rendered HTML doesn't care about line breaks anyway) but when you are looking at the raw markdown, the long line trouble me.