Notes from running Manjaro linux on MBP (early 2015)

  • ✅ Run in docked mode. (laptop lid closed, external monitor ON)
    • When using KDE plasma version, this can be done easily via "Energy Settings" option
    • Choose Do nothing option for Lid Closed
    • Can also be done for XFCE by updating /etc/systemd/logind.conf (I did not have success)
    • Uncomment HandleLidSwitch option (Google for exact details)
  • Install Hyper Terminal
    • ❌ Using pamac UI or enabling AUR did not help. It failed eventually
      • To be fair, they suggested aurman which I did not use.
    • ✅ Using AppImage downloaded from their website worked
    • Also installed nord-hyper theme
    • Ctrl+, to open config file