How to add Marathi Phonetic Keyboard to Windows ?

  • First add Marathi language via settings as Preferred Language
    • Make sure it is last in the list
  • It will install the default keyboard which is INSCRIPT (Difficult to use, unless you know what you are doing)
  • Click on Marathi under Preferred Langauges section, and Click on Option
  • From Add a keyboard section, add Marathi Phonetic, and remove INSCRIPT
  • Now switch languages via language bar option in task bar
  • Refer to this documentation

Open emoji Keyboard

Windows + . will open emoji keyboard.

Power Toys

These Power Toys should be shipped by default, rather than having to install
as separate app.

Some cool ones:

  • Text Extractor (Not tried yet) : As name suggested, select an image with
    text, and this tool with OCR it and return plain text.
  • Past as plain text : I used to install Raycast on macOS just for this functionality alone 😊
  • Mouse finder: Equivalent functionality is built into macOS