Offline documentation

  1. First fetch documentation for offline use : mix hex.docs fetch PACKAGE [VERSION]
  2. Open the offline version in documentation mix hex.docs offline elixir
  3. See more here

Elixir and Blockchain

Publish your own hex package

Sometime ago, I published my first (and only - so far) hex package called qq

Inspired by q.q and similarly this one

I too wanted to name it as just q but it was rejected as being too short for hex package,
hence qq

References used : this medium article and this blog

mix check

Add the following to the aliases section of mix.exs

check: [
        "compile --warnings-as-errors",
        "format --check-formatted",
        "credo --strict",
        "dialyzer --format short"

Then run mix check

This is much like make lint I run on my python projects