Show hidden files in Finder

(At least works in Catalina)

cmd + shift + fn + period

Set external screen as a primary display

System Preferences -> Display -> Arrangement

When we configure two displays, we get to see a white bar on top of one of the display.
Who knew that one can drag this white bar ? Let alone that it indicates the primary display.

Drag that white bar to the display that you wish to designated as primary display. :tada:

Type Marathi

The trick is to add Devnagary - QWERTY language, rather than Marathi (or Hindi)
This allows one to type s and get स - this is transliteration (and is easy to use).
Using native marathi (or hindi) means having to learn a new keyboard layout.
e.g. in Native marathi Keyboard (on macOS) you have to type m to get स 😄