Browse from the Terminal


  • brew install w3m (or apt-get or pacman or appropriate command for your OS/distribution)
  • w3m <URL>
  • Use arrows to traverse the page.
  • Press Enter on a text or edit field. You'll see a prompt to type in your text.
  • Press Enter to submit. (Duh!)
  • Use Shift+b to go back. (Shift+Down Arrow also worked)

Search from terminal

Install ddgr or googler then

BROWSER=w3m ddgr query

This is helpful in reducing the distraction.
To be honest, search results view is not the best viewing experience. So one is not tempted to hang-around. Just find what you were looking for and get out 😆


Terminal Emulators

I keep moving between these two.


This is quite stable, and is my fallback option while I explore Kitty. daily driver.