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Blog Header Image Generator

Using unsplash images into the blog

I don't want to download-and-reduce-size of the photo on my machine, just to upload it to the blog.
It is better that unsplash API take care of it.

  • Copy the last part of the URL for the photo you like i.e. part after<this-is-what-we-want>
  • Use source api to get the "direct" URL of the photo. Append the "last part" followed by the dimensions (like widthXheight) to create the URL
  • Now use this URL.

Using random images

  • Finding appropriate image can sometime take longer than writing the blog post itself.
  • Enter Lorem Ipsum for Photos - Seems feature complete, like define size in URL itself, select specific image etc.

mkdocs site on netlify

I use pipenv for my normal workflow, but it may not work on Netlify.

Following worked for me (based on their documentation)

  • Create requirements.txt. I added same contents as my Pipfile
  • Created runtime.txt - added 3.6 to it. (Default is 2.7)
  • Created a separate branch netlify (I didn't want Netlify specific files in
  • Rest is easy. Select git provider and branch name. The wizard recognized that this was mkdocs site, and automatically filled in build command and publish directory. Awesome !!

Custom domain on gitlab pages

(Oct 11, 2018)

This document is really detailed. I had some trouble getting the verification, but it may have been DNS propagation issue. (Also, I think gitlab is generally slow)