Getting multi-vault setup to work with selective publishing

As of this writing multi-vault and selective publishing (probably) do not work

I was able to get it to work (sorta hack)
in dendron.yml I have:

      action: "useVault"
      payload: [public, private]

My private vault, which I did not want published essentially has daily.journal.... files. Besides the default and and

dendron* have nav_exclude set to true, so I think that is automatically taken care of.
I might delete these two files from private vault anyway.

During site generation, due to writeStubs: true - got created.

What I did was added published: false to it's front matter, so entire daily Hierarchy is now "hidden" from publishing. 🎉

Dendron for Blogging

See this documentation

Same note under multiple hierarchies

title: "Hierarchy Fist Note Taking"
 - note.methodes
 - pkm.methodes