• Cmd+Shift+s : Create Scratch note
  • Cmd+Shift+j : Create Journal note
  • To create a new note from a wikilink like [[]], use Dendron: Goto Note menu.
    • ^ here indicates Ctrl not caret (I kept pressing Shift+6 for ^ and Enter. Needless to say, it didn't work. πŸ˜„
    • If the note exists, you just Go to the existing note πŸ˜€

Manually insert/update the timestamps in frontmatter

If you do not use VSCode to update existing notes, the frontmatter timestamps do not get auto updated.
Unfortunately they are epoch time, so difficult impossible to update by hand.

I asked on the discord and came to know that using value returned by date +"%s"000 can be safely used.

If using Emacs (like me) one can type the command in vterm and copy the results using yy and paste it in the markdown note where needed.

In vim/nvim one can use !!date +"\%s" to output that at the line the cursor is on, remembering to escape the % to stop it from expanding. (I have not tried this myself)