Procrastination is Power

  • Our brain makes us procrrastinate to keep us safe for things (it thinks) are bad for us.
  • Brain only understands Pleasure or Pain
    • More Pleasure
    • Avoid Pain
  • Make your brain do things (that you procrastinate about) by showing either
    • Future pain due to not doing the thing now or
    • Future pleasure due to doing the thing now (Reward after doing unpleasant thing)

Secret to Changing Negative Self Talk

Awesome Acronyms

  • STRONG : Stand Tall, Remain Optimistic, Now, Go get it
  • GREAT : Get Ready, Expect A Terrific Day
  • YES I CAN : You Expect Success In Challenging Activities Now
  • CHANGE : Circumstances Have Altered, Now Get Engaged

I had already read this one for FEAR

  • FEAR : False Evidence Appearing Real

But this one was new to me.

  • FEAR : Fuels Energy And Resilience

  • I CAN : Inspired Confident Affirmed, Never a Doubt

  • PUSH : Put Up Some Hard work